What are we Working on Now?

Last updated Feb 22nd, 2020

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During this time of isolation, we’re volunteering to help artists, music tech friends, educators, and organizations to learn and practice delivering online meetings.

For example, we’ll be facilitating an online piano recital for 25 students for a local piano teacher.

A Top Secret Book

We’re in the early stages of writing a book! We can’t tell you any more than that right now though😎.

We have lots of ideas, but if there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about, drop us a note.

Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup refresh with new website and online events!

We just relaunched a completely refreshed dedicated website for the meetup at RockyMountainSynth.com. We worked hard to make it super groovy!

We moved the meetup online! Our initial motivation to add an online component wasn’t actually COVID, but about keeping some continuity and engagement while rooms come and go and while we took off March and April for snow (we always have to cancel events these months). This also opens the possibility of reconnecting with members that moved, and to introduce interesting and inspiring remote guests.

Relaunch Modulate This! as a Separate Site

A few years back, the synth tech & technique blog Modulate This! was folded into Mark Mosher’s artist blog as Mark was focusing more. Mark missed it as a separate entity, and now that Team NewEcho is growing, we’re working to spin it out and start creating new inspiring and helpful articles.

The return of Patch Lab!

Speaking of Modulate This!, it had a section of the site called Patch Lab which contained sound packs for Ableton Live and U-HE Zebra that have gone “out-of-print”. We’re dusting them off and working on new ones.

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