This page contains a selection of live performances recorded straight to 2-track or video live without edits that were recorded over the past year or so. See my video gallery for an archive of older performances.

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“Not of the Body” 5/24/2018

This song was inspired by the ST:TOS episode “Return of the Archons”. It was performed live on an Elektron Digitakt and recorded straight to 2-track without edits.

This song was performed in public for the first time at Beat Cypher at Madelife in Boulder on May 24th 2018. I forgot to hit record during that session – so this is a recording I made during a session in the studio earlier that day.

“The Beauty Comes Out of the Spider’s Nature” 1/25/2018

This is a an audio board recording of a live improvisation using only the Elektron Octatrack. It was recorded at the Jan. 25th, 2018 Beat Cypher event at Madelife. Inspired by Joseph Campbel.

“Entropy” 12/14/2017

A video of my performance from madelife Beat Cypher #2.Audio is from GoPro.

I challenged myself to do my set with just an Elektron Analog Four. The Analog Four has 4 analog synths, is only 4 note polyphonic in total and has chorus, delay and reverb on the master chain.

The performance is a combination of original presets, tweaked factory presets, live playing using the onboard chromatic keyboard, real-time sound design, use of some pre-defined original sequences with live arrangement and live sequencing. I’m using 4 kits” throughout (which you can switch to with no load-time or hickups). So all synthesis, no samples, no audio playback.

  • 00:00 Real-time synthesis with original preset
  • 00:34 Live arrangement with grooves, live-sound design, live play on chromatic keyboard
  • 4:00 Back to real-time synthesis using chromatic keyboard
  • 05:00 Things get pretty Logan’s Run bleepy and modular-like
  • 06:25 Freeze with the amazing on-board reverb

Live Visual Improv for Denver Synth_Drone Collective 11/27/2017

This is a 5 minute video highlight from the 2+ hour Denver Synth_Drone Collective performance at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver for the Textures Ambient Showcase. I improvised the live visuals plus contributed some synth drone action.

We setup in semi-circle in the back of the cafe surround by the stacks of books. Most of the footage was shot over-my- shoulder with my GoPro Hero 5 Session as I improvised live visuals with Resolume 6 with both live camera input and heavily synthesized video field recordings.

“Space-Time Distortion Near Track Number 8” 6/19/2017

I discovered a space-time distortion while visiting Chicago. The location of the anomaly is at track 8 at Union Station. This is a video of me performing this song in the studio live to 2-track.

I als published this new song as a single on Bandcamp, itunes etc…

Syn Sunday Preview Concert for Denver Open Doors with Mark Mosher and Kuxaan Sum 4/13/2017


On Sunday, April 30th, 5 experimental music artists from Denver will perform Syn Sunday for the City of Denver’s Open Doors event. We’ll be playing outside under the glass of the MASSIVE Galleria dome at the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Early one morning last week, Kuxaan Sum joined me in a mini preview set for the CBS 4 news crew. After the news crew left, we played on and recorded this as we were so inspired by the massive space of glass, metal and concrete and the AMAZING reverb characteristics. This is a some footage of our mini set.

Carbon Dioxide Ensemble with Filmmaker Taylor Dunne at Time + Space Fundraiser 4/19/2017

A behind-the-scenes video with the Carbon Dioxide Ensemble with Taylor Dunne at Time + Space Fundraiser for A Process Rehearsal Fundraiser in Denver, CO. Taylor Dunne improvising with us using 16mm film. The video also gives you a sense for this event. The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is: Thomas Lundy on Copper Heart with Dry Ice, Victoria Lundy on Theremin and Reaktor, Mark Mosher on Elekton Octatrack and Novation Circuit

Process Reversal’s mission is to promote the continued use of photochemical processes by filmmakers, artists, hobbyists, and the public at large by providing the training, the exposure, and the opportunity required.

Boulder Laptop Orchestra BLOrK performs with guest Mark Mosher 3/18/2017

Live recording from “Boulder Laptop Orchestra BLOrK performs with guest Mark Mosher”…

Program Notes

This video features my original solo improvisational piece “Tonalities from Orbit” which I was invited to perform to close out the night with the ensemble. This song is available as a bonus track on my Sonic Encounters Volume 01 album.

“Tonalities from Orbit” is an original structured improvisational piece inspired by the ground breaking work of Louis and Bebe Barron – who in the 1956 provided the soundtrack to the seminal Scifi film Forbidden Planet. The hand-built circuits they used to create the “electronic tonalities” of this film pre-dated the modern synthesizer and were limited to oscillators (producing mainly square, sine, & triangle waves), ring modulators, overdriven tubes, reverb, and delay (done with tape manipulation).

Informed by these limitations, and using only a Nord Lead 4 synthesizer, Mark created 14 original and expressive “circuit states”. In this performance he will play and morph between these states as a framework for the piece as he brings his version of the Krell to life. The performance will be complimented with Mark’s real-time visuals using only live camera input as a source with audio-responsive automation.