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Update – March 22nd, 2020
In these unprecedented times, we’ve grown Team NewEcho so we can create even more creative digital content and all sorts of real-time online events. We’re also volunteering to help independent artists, educators in the arts, and performance spaces learn how to take their game online.

“You can’t control how long you’ll need to engage in social distancing, but you can control if you spend that time productively.

The version of you who steps out of quarantine at some future date can be better than the version that entered it, if you try.”

Ryan Holiday, Daily Stoic

Now, on to What We Do.

Mark Mosher
Founder, NewEcho Productions, LLC

Real-Time Online Events

We’re experts at online events, and also have a history of producing award-winning face-to-face events; we moved the Rocky Mountain Synthesizer Meetup online for the time being. We’re also currently volunteering to help fellow artists, arts communities, and educators learn to leverage online events.

Online Events

Past IRL Events

Original Music Publishing & Licensing

NewEcho Productions publishes & licenses the original works of Mark Mosher. Some or our placements include…

Song “Flight” for the CD Soundtrack and Blue-ray extras for the film One Six Right

Song “Alone” for Raymond Cassel‘s EXOWORLDS

Gonna Rise Up” used by author James Barrat, for corporate speaking “walk up” music
“Stealth” used for years now as the theme song for the Time Shifters Podcast

You can subscribe to our entire back catalog of music with 12 releases here or listen to our music on your fav music outlet.

Music Tech & Technique Publishing

Featured Video

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Awards, Press, & Interviews

Denver’s Synthesizer Scene is Unstoppable – 303 Magazine

Best Music Meetup – Westword Magazine

“Twelve of Colorado’s Greatest Synthesizer Artists”Westword Magazine

Runner up for “2016 Best of Denver – Best Visuals for Experimental Music 2016

Best Experimental Mix Denver 2014 – Watt? Amplified and Supercharged Music Expression… Kramer, Lundy and Mosher presented a tour de force on the current state of electronic music and its future.” – Westword Magazine